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posted by Crissy Pageon Aug 28, 2019 (updated Feb 17, 2024) 70 comments »

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Our yummy Mexican tater tot casserole is an easy and hearty meal that your whole family will love!

This delicious taco-inspired tater tot casserole recipe is chock-full of black beans, corn, ground beef and a whole lot of flavor. Oh, did I mention it’s also loaded with cheese? Yep. We definitely have the cheese component covered!

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (1)

There’s just something about adding tater tots to a dish that makes it especially fun for the kids. I can remember the first time I told the kids that I’d be making tater tot casserole for dinner. Their eyes lit up with joy.

The kids also love this Jiffy Corn Casserole.

My little ones love eating those golden tater tots covered in gooey cheese, and I love knowing that they’re getting a warm, filling meal. Casserole recipes are always a good choice when it comes to feeding my crew.

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (2)

Even better than that my Mexican tater tot casserole recipe is super quick to make. It’s really perfect for those over-scheduled weeknights or weekends when you don’t want to spend a whole lot of extra time in the kitchen.

I used ground beef in my casserole, but ground pork would also be delicious. I use ground pork often, in fact, my ground pork tacos are amazing if you’re interested in giving this protein a whirl!

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (3)

It seems like easy casserole recipes like this one have sort of slipped out of fashion, but I’m still a fan of meals that you can throw together quickly and satisfy the whole family.

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Let’s face it, any meal that you make at home beats fast food and you can even get the kids involved in the kitchen to help you put this taco-flavored tater tot casserole together.

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (4)

In fact, my daughter was on tater-tot duty the last time we made this casserole. I let her add the tater tots to the top of the casserole and she also helped me sprinkle the cheese over the dish toward the end.

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (5)

The one thing that makes a plate of my Mexican tater tot casserole even better is a big dollop of sour cream on top and some fresh cilantro.

Oh my goodness, SO GOOD!

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (6)

Are you a fan of easy family dinner recipes made with ground beef? If so, don’t miss my famous old fashioned goulash! :)

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Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (7)

Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

This easy tater tot casserole will please everyone in your crew---even picky kids!


  • 1 lb. 85/15 ground beef
  • 1 onion, diced ( about ¼ cup)
  • 1 packet taco seasoning mix (1 oz.)
  • 1 can green chiles (4 oz.)
  • 1 can black beans ( 15.5 oz.) rinsed and drained
  • 1 bag frozen corn (14.4 oz.)
  • 1 can red enchilada sauce (10 oz.)
  • 3 cups shredded cheddar & Monterey jack cheese (off the block), divided
  • 4 cups frozen tater tots
  • Cilantro, optional garnish
  • Sour cream, optional


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a 9 by 13 inch baking dish (I used this one) with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Add the ground beef and the onion to a 12-inch skillet, brown meat until thoroughly cooked. Drain off excess fat and return to skillet. Add the seasoning packet, green chiles, black beans, frozen corn and the enchilada sauce to the meat and onion, stir until combined. Over medium heat cook another 8 to 10 minutes. Add 2 cups of shredded cheese to the meat mixture and stir until blended. Pour into the baking dish and spread evenly. Place the tater tots evenly over top. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes.
  3. Remove from oven, add the remaining cup of cheese over the top. Bake another 5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Garnish with cilantro and top with sour cream!
Nutrition Information:

Yield: 8Serving Size: 1 bowl
Amount Per Serving:Calories: 407Total Fat: 25gSaturated Fat: 11gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 11gCholesterol: 64mgSodium: 932mgCarbohydrates: 28gFiber: 3gSugar: 3gProtein: 19g

Mexican Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (8)


originally published on Aug 28, 2019 (last updated Feb 17, 2024)

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70 comments on “Mexican Tater Tot Casserole”

  1. ELIZABETH Reply

    I like the recipe, but it was very acidic tasting. It was too much for my tastes. I added refried beans which helped.

  2. Esther Reply

    I love Jesus too and love your recipes!

  3. Emily Sundsmo Reply

    Is there a good way to freeze this, like prepare the meat mixture and let it cool down, then assemble and freeze? Thank you!

  4. oldbuck Reply

    Your Mexican Tater Tot Casserole made me think of things I might want to incorporate into my “Grumpy’s Chili-Doggies with Crowns Pie”. I love Ore Ida potato crowns, anybody’s canned chili and cheap hot dogs. I slice my dogs length wise into quarters, then chop those worm like stips into short, quarter length pieces. Mixed with some sauteed onions, the chili, and some V8 juice. Pour that over the crowns that have been toasted. Top the whole thing with 3 cheese Mexican cheese. Heat till cheese is bubbly. Enjoy. I make this in a 9″ pyrex pie plate. Easy clean up. grumpyb

  5. Tiffani Simons Reply

    I loved the dish, family did too. Quick question about the portion size and nutritional information: how much is a bowl in ounces, grams or cups?

  6. Krakorian Reply

    About to go in.

  7. Bernadette Reply

    So good! My husband had me print it and file it in the “definitely make again” section of our recipe book.

    Quick question about the portion size and nutritional information: how much is a bowl in ounces, grams or cups? And how do you calculate the nutritional information in your recipes?

    Seriously a flavorful, hits-the-spot dish. Perfect for cold days and uses stuff that you most likely already have.

  8. Nikki Reply

    I came across this recipe a few years ago. It’s not something I normally make, but I tried it anyway. So thankful I did!! We substitute beefless crumbles for a vegetarian option.

    This dish has also become a staple for my freezer meals, and is my go-to for anyone who has had a new baby or is in quarantine.

    Thank you for posting!! This recipe has been a game changer.

  9. Iris Reply

    I added chorizo and chopped jalapeño and omitted the corn. Was amazing. Could eat the filling alone too or a Mexican version of chili beans. So yummy.

  10. Sophstar Reply

    This recipe is a family favorite! We don’t eat meat so rather than ground beef, I use lentils and it tastes amazing! I also add a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast for added nutrition. Delicious!

  11. Megan Reply

    Has anyone made this without the enchilada sauce, maybe a cheese sauce?

  12. Sandi F Floyd Reply

    Just wondering if anyone has used something a little more “Mexican” for the topping than tater tots? I LOVED the recipe and it was good, but my family was wondering if we could use tortillas strips or something else on top to continue that theme?

    • Ty Reply

      Try Rachel Ray’s Mexican lasagna. You’ll love it!!

  13. Claire Reply

    Looking forward to trying this! Do you have to de thaw the tater tots first or can you put them in the oven frozen straight from the bag?

    • Poppy Reply

      If you “de thaw” they are frozen

    • Shawkins Reply

      You do not have to thaw them. I usually cook for 30-45 minutes and then broil them for a few inches if they aren’t crispy enough.

  14. Lara Reply

    We love this, hubby is a HUGE fan of tater tots, when we went to visit his daughter, who grew up on his ordinary tater tot casserole, he had me make it for her & her husband. They loved as well. I found I can do my mushroom trick on this to cut back on the beef & he doesn’t notice it like he usually does. I like to meal prep, So I make a triple batch & stop before adding the cheese. Let it cool & pack it into 3 tubs to freeze. Then to make dinner you only have to thaw a tub, dump in the pan, mix in cheese & top with tater tots & bake. It makes an awesome weeknight meal.

    Rating: 5

  15. Csilla Reply

    Awesome recipe!!! I did amp up the heat by adding an additional 4oz. can of green chiles. My hubby and I like spice!

    Rating: 5

  16. June Reply

    So we have to cook with no dairy or gluten. Sometimes that can be a challenge. With this recipe I put the cheese in a bowl and everyone can help themselves to the cheese. This is a HUGE favorite with the Grandkids.

    Rating: 4

  17. Ashlie Reply

    Loved this! Super yummy. My boyfriend will literally eat anything with tater tots but I’m trying to get him to explore more options. My meat, bean, corn, etc mixture was a little too soupy for my liking. I added a couple spoon fulls of flour and it thickened it up!Will be making again because well…. my boyfriend ate the whole casserole but about 2 scoops lol :)

    Rating: 5

  18. MJ Reply

    Doubled the recipe. Family loved! Definitely will make this again.

    Rating: 5

  19. Bobbi Reply

    Oh my goodness that looks delicious!!!

  20. Veronica Reply

    Made it . Doubled the recipe. Added so.e Mexicorn.. Definitely will make again

    Rating: 5

    • Hope Whaley Reply

      If I could give this 10 stars, I would. I made this for dinner for my husband and myself. The two of us ate half of it at once. My husband is not a big Mexican food fan but he loved this. I knew putting it together it would be good. Love the green chiles and enchilada sauce. Bold, delicious flavors. Look forward to the leftovers.

      Rating: 5

  21. Dannette Reply

    Hi, do the green Chile’s add spice?

    • Rita Reply

      Not really, if you purchase canned, it is not spicy just adds flavor. I would not delete from the ingredients.

    • Pam Reply

      My daughter have me this recipe and we BOTH made it the same night! And, we both love it!! She made it just like the recipe…but, I had everything except the enchilada sauce…but, I did have a large bottle of taco sauce, and decided to use it because I love the TASTE of it so much and thought it would work well with all the other ingredients…and it did not disappoint!! A solid five stars from my daughter and me!!!

  22. Nansi Reply

    Excellent casserole! devoured by family, thank you for sharing!

    Rating: 5

  23. Robin Reply

    I made this, adding another pound of ground beef, and haven’t found anyone who doesn’t gobble up a second helping. Maintains its great flavor the next day! Quickly a favorite and east to make in a busy evening. P

    Rating: 5

  24. Anna C Reply

    Started making this and realized I didn’t have the enchilada sauce. Used about 1/2 c of mild Picante sauce and 1/4 c water instead. It was fantastic! Thanks for a new favorite recipe!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Yes, I’m sure salsa worked just fine! Glad you enjoyed the recipe, Anna!!

  25. Mic Reply

    Just got done eating this. Everyone loved it. My family is not big on trying new things.

  26. Jennifer Reply

    My entire family loved this dish! Thank you!

    Rating: 5

  27. Jane Thompson Reply

    I have made this for everyone, church, school and now work potluck. It’s my go-to take anywhere dish. Thanks so much!!

    Rating: 5

  28. Duane Reply

    I made this for my wife and kids they really loved it! Thank you for this recipe

  29. Tracy Reply

    I saw the question asked below, but didn’t see a response…can this be made ahead of time and frozen? Was hoping to make something for a family that just had another baby and this looked delicious!

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Tracy, I haven’t tried this so I’m not sure how it would come out. Let me know if you do!

    • Shawkins Reply

      You definitely can freeze it. Just don’t add the cheese. Let them add that.

      • Nbell

        What happens if you add the cheese in then freeze?

  30. Shelli Reply

    Was so yummy! Made just as recipe instructed, thanks for the good dish!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Hey Shelli, thank you for commenting. I’m so glad you loved the recipe!

  31. Dawn Le Feuvre Reply

    Made this dish for my son and I for dinner this evening, next time I will add some fresh jalapeños! We like spicy!If I was making this to take somewhere I wouldn’t change a thing!?

    Rating: 4

  32. Kristy Reply

    COuld you use canned corn if you don’t have frozen?

  33. Bethany Reply

    Instead of the additional cheese in the mixture, I added a can of cream of mushroom soup and put some cheese on top like directed. It was super creamy and delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

    Rating: 5

  34. Deb Reply

    Could I make this and freeze it,if so how long would I need to bake it and what degree.Thanks

  35. Diana Christian Reply

    Made this casserole today, very good, passed it on to our Daughter ??

  36. Leela Reply

    This looks great! I need to buy some tater tots.

  37. Corinne Dyas Reply

    Excellent recipe.! My husband loved it. He ate 2 helpings.

    Rating: 3

  38. Nena Sinclair Reply

    This looks so delicious! I love meals with a Mexican influence!

    Rating: 5

  39. Meghan Reply

    Delicious!! Made it two weeks in a row!! And it’s a good way to get veggies in your kiddos.

    Rating: 5

  40. Charlene Reply

    I made this close to the original recipe. I baked at 350 because i misread the temp but it still turned out ok. Baked 30 minutes then added last bit of cheese….cheddar was all i had but i think any kind you use would work. I incorporated a little cilantro in the meat mixture instead of adding on top. For the corn, i substituted about a half cup crushed up corn tortilla chips. I love corn but i like it just plain, not really mixed in with anything. The tortilla chips gave it that corn flavor. My husband really liked it. Will definitely be making again.

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Charlene! Loving your changes. Glad you and your husband enjoyed this recipe!! :)

  41. Tricia Reply

    Do you drain the green chilies?

    • Crissy Reply

      Nope, don’t drain them! :)

  42. David Reply

    Could this be made ahead and then just put the tater tots on before I cook it ?

    • Penny Ballinger Reply

      I have cooked the meat mixture the night before, put in the casserole dish and refrigerated it. Took it out and let it sit on counter for 15 to 30 minutes. Put the tater tots on and continued with the recipe. Worked great

  43. ellen beck Reply

    This looks so good. I think I would add some black olives along with that sour cream. I love dishes like this.

    Rating: 5

  44. Steph Reply

    I made this for Christmas Eve… it was the bomb! I did however add some chunky salsa and I used 1-1/2 lbs. of ground beef. Will definitely be making this again.

    Rating: 5

  45. Evelyn Parsons Reply

    I’m not a fan of black beans, what can I use as a substitute? Other than that, the recipes sounds delicious.

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Evelyn, you can use any beans you prefer!

  46. Tabitha @ Tabitha Talks Food Reply

    This looks so good!!

  47. Autumn W. Reply

    This was amazing and made a ton! I subbed the ground beef with ground turkey and used cauliflower tots. Which lightened it up a bit . I’ll make again!

    Rating: 5

  48. Pam Eslinger Reply

    I love your recipes!

    Rating: 5

  49. Steph Reply

    Made this last night and it was delicious. Even my 5 year old daughter and husband loved it. I will definitely add this to the rotation. I wonder if this would make a good freezer meal??

    Rating: 5

  50. Megan Peter Reply

    Yum! Made it tonight with ground moose and added black beans. Super yummy!

    Rating: 5

  51. Erin Reply

    I’m making this tonight with ground turkey. Should be fantastic. I swap out beef for turkey in my recipes frequently. ? Thanks for this awesome recipe in advance. We are still getting snow here in Oregon and I’m not ready to give up comfort food dinners.

  52. Megan Reply

    Has anyone tried this using ground turkey or ground chicken?

  53. Sonya Cocherell Reply

    I still love to cook casseroles, but I married a man who dearly hates them. Whenever he goes to visit his brother, my daughter and I make a casserole! Thank you for this one :)

  54. Laurna Calabrese Reply

    I love all your recipes don’t stop posting your great ideas. I made several dishes of yours that you posted example apple tarts they were a hit, including your mac & cheese also your coffee cake recipe. I saw some recipes today that it will be making very soon. Thank you.

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